20 febbraio 2014

a past too recent

un passato troppo recente

The acronym do.co.mo.mo stands for International committee for documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the modern movement and is a nonprofit organization founded in the Netherlands in 1988 to promote the preservation of buildings of the twentieth century.

 docomomo international

DOCOMOMO Italy was founded in 1990 as one of the first national groups of DOCOMOMO International and formally established as a cultural association in October 1995. It has as its objective the documentation and conservation of buildings and urban complexes and modern works for the development of modern ...

The always attentive Giuseppe Pullara has "talked" of it some time ago on the Corriere Romano. Well!

He wrote of the folding magazine of architectural activism which, for convenience, redials the sheets on themselves up to the size of an envelope… The delegation of this our local International in defense of the architecture of the twentieth century is a patrol restricted to only 150 members generally belong  to universities or to architectural superintendences.
Few, but combative: they want thatUNESCO, generous of awards only for works of the past in Italy, grant his protection to at least one of the twentieth century Italian building.

In the 'last number the "newspaper" of Do.Co.Mo.Mo. Italy is concerned with Rome ... It is comforting to note that in this capital, with the whole class level executive manifestly inadequate, however we can find  active nuclei committed to pursuing the social and cultural quality. Sometimes you just need a very poor architecture magazine published in a thousand of copies to indicate that something in the ashes continues to burn.

Among the latest initiatives is an appeal to save the market Metronio in Rome designed by Riccardo Morand.

 Market Metronio - foto by Davide Franceschini for openhouse roma